"Good design is making something intelligible and memorable.
Great design is making something memorable and meaningful."


design and idea by Selçuk Yılmaz


syPhone is a main screen application that you can do the things what you do ith your iPhone faster and easier.

all in one

All you need in one screen… Everything!

to do

On right below, by To-Do bar you can add your first to-do and you can see list of your to-do's if you click on bar. When we look at to-do add screen; you may add alarm and photograph for your to-do, as well as you may share you to-do by messaging, email or by your social media. All in one click, instantly...


If you drag down the weather and date section you can see a new section where you may search anything on web, app store or maps.


The RSS reader on middle on screen, (yes syPhone is also a Feedly client and you may organize your RSS feeds on both syPhone and Feedly)

rss - detail

you can see your RSS feeds as slideshow, and you may see the details of RSS feed by clicking on current feed.

rss - kiosk

Also you can read your RSS Feeds as kiosk mode by pressing play button under feed list.

rss - white

You may see your unread RSS feeds when you go back from detail screen. You should check out RSS Pref screen where you may add new feeds, adding it to categories, deleting them.

fast call

Bottom of the screen there is fast call section. You may find your contacts by pressing Find icon and syPhone will search for your contacts on your iPhone by few words of name of your contact or phone number...

fast call

...By pressing + buttons you can add as much as contact on fast call section, and you can call, facetime or message them.


You can see the date, and your events as well as times in other locations when you click on date. Eg. What events you have today and tomorrow, or What is time in New York etc...


You can see the weather on your location at the left side of the date. If you click on weather you can see forecasts for hours of today and upcoming days.